4 Essential Tips to Avoid Ruining Valentine’s Day with Bad Driving!

Everyone knows that London’s roads are choked with traffic most of the day, but especially during the rush hour. It can be a daunting place when you’re not used to driving there. With Valentine’s day coming up soon, we know that many of you might be planning to hire a car in London to go on a romantic getaway or even just a day trip. Below we’ve prepared some important tips on how to stay safe in your rental car, so that you can focus on having a nice Valentine’s holiday.

1. Keep your distance

When you’re driving through London to your getaway destination, you’ll quickly get into heavy traffic and start the “stop-start” dance with other drivers. Make sure you keep a safe distance from the car in front to avoid accidents. A low-speed collision may not be so dangerous or life-threatening, but it will still put a huge dent in your holiday plans.

2. Stick to speed limits

Wherever you’re driving, never think that you know better than the given speed limit. Even a small increase in speed can have a huge impact on your stopping distance, which can mean the difference between life and death. Furthermore, damaging a rental can impact your future credit and ability to hire cars. Safe driving makes you a better customer and can help you get better deals in the future. Stick to those speed limits.

3. Don’t take risks

The truth is that you shouldn’t take any risks with either your own car or a rental. It’s an expensive piece of machinery, and it’s not worth risking damage to it or yourself by performing unnecessary overtaking, tricky parking manoeuvres or other risky behaviour. Why risk putting a dampener on your romantic getaway with hazardous driving?

4. Use the Sat-Nav

Taking a day trip or Valentine’s weekend away often means driving somewhere you’ve never been before. The Sat-Nav system will find you the most efficient route and help you get there on schedule. It will also help you avoid the pitfalls of accident-caused traffic jams and other obstructions.

Finally, you should work with a rental car service that will offer you high-quality car options, insurance and helpful customer service to see you on your way. Cars4rental.co.uk is that service. Contact us today to find about car hire London options that suit your needs.