About Us

Cars 4 Rental was created with the simple goal of being the quickest and easiest way of booking Short Term Car lease UK for both private and business individuals through our network of trusted rental partners.

Make it clean: We realise that our customers are not car rental experts and nor should they have to be. So you’ll be glad to know that you don’t need to be a travel agent to understand the process! Our customers are given clear information about all aspects of the short-term lease by an experienced booking team.

Make it quick: Today, people don’t have time to trawl through websites and read over confusing technical jargon or booking processes. Our team can find your ideal vehicle that suits your needs and budget. Everything is geared towards helping you to book quickly and to answer any questions you may have.

Cheap Long Term Car Rental

Make it affordable: We have negotiated rates with some of the UK’s and world’s top car hire providers so that our customers can benefit from the highest quality car hire at some of the lowest prices in the UK.

Whether you are seeking cheap long-term car rental or short-term car rental, or there is no easier way to get into the driving seat. We look forward to helping you.

Some key benefits of Short Term Car Lease UK:

  • No Servicing, maintenance, MOT, or road fund licence to worry about
  • No long term commitments or early termination fees
  • No significant capital outlay, just a small refundable deposit plus monthly hire fee + booking fee
  • No vehicle depreciation to worry about
  • Drive the latest models cars with up to date technology
  • A perfect fit between daily rental and long term 2/3 years contracts
  • An opportunity for you to test a model to see it works around your lifestyle long term
  • Test out a new business idea without a large investment in acquiring a vehicle
  • Option to change or renew your car if your circumstances change or cancel the agreement at the end of the 28 days period
  • Basic Insurance included, with most suppliers
  • All-Inclusive motoring, just add fuel, and go

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