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The Best Firm for Car Hire at Gatwick Airport

Whether you are visiting from overseas or taking an internal flight from elsewhere in the United Kingdom, hiring a car from us to collect from the airport is simplicity itself. While so many other hire car companies leave you queued up in the terminal all day we have you in your car and on your way minutes after you touch down and disembark. Cars 4 Rental are committed to making sure Gatwick airport car hire doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg and is never a source of frustration or confusion. When you book your car through us, you’re booking convenience.

If you’ve ever come away from the car hire counter feeling like you’ve been mugged you’re not alone. From asking inappropriate questions to pressuring you into buying extras you don’t need, rental car agents can be more trouble than they’re worth. With cars4rental.com’s simple, no-nonsense booking system you’ll get the car you want at a price you can afford and that’s that. Just show your receipt at the airport and you’re good to go.

The Cars 4 Rental Difference

You can search for hours to try and find the cheapest car hire at Gatwick airport UK or you can spend a few minutes online well before you’re scheduled to travel and book your car through cars4rental.com. We have a great range of late model, well-maintained vehicles from which to choose, all of which are available at unbelievably low prices. Try us once and you’ll never want to book a rental car any other way.

Because we work with a number of top hire companies, we are able to offer you the best deals whatever time of year you happen to be travelling. Why would these companies give us special rates to pass along? Because we not only work with them to provide cheap car rental at Gatwick airport, we work with them all over the world through our more than 20,000 pickup locations. With that kind of reach and so many customers involved the major car hire companies listen when we speak and respond when we say we need to provide our customers a better deal.

But we don’t just work with the industry’s biggest players, we also partner with many small to medium sized car hire firms in an effort to uncover deals other companies would miss. You can find out more about our hire service by searching for suitable cars on our site or by calling 0800 012 6771 to speak to a member of our friendly and efficient support team.

Car Hire Gatwick Airport

Why Arrange Your Car Hire at Gatwick Airport Through Us?

There are numerous hire companies operating in the UK, so you may be wondering why you should choose to deal with us rather than one of our competitors. There are a number of very good reasons that we can think of:

1. Wide Selection As mentioned above, we work with many of the top rental agencies in the country so we can guarantee you a wide choice of vehicles at all times. Whether you are looking for a sporty little hatchback, a capable 4×4 or a family saloon, you will find many from which to choose on our site. You will also find full details of each vehicle on our site but if you should have any questions about the cars we have available, just call 0800 012 6771 during business hours and we will be more than happy to answer them for you. Alternatively, you can contact us at any time via email and we will respond as quickly as possible.

2. Hassle Free Booking We have done everything we can to make the process of booking a hire car online as simple as possible. There are no complicated questionnaires to answer and no incomprehensible forms: we simply ask for the information we need to confirm your booking and nothing more. Our goal is to make the process of car rental at Gatwick airport as simple and hassle free as possible. All of our efforts are dedicated to the achievement of this goal. Our ever-expanding customer base is ample proof that our service is appreciated but we’re never content to sit back and say “mission accomplished”. Instead we work the entire system tirelessly to create additional value and to identify elements that could be improved.

3. Easy Collection and Drop Off – With 40 million travellers passing through every year Gatwick Airport is a busy place and can be confusing for those who have never been there before. With this in mind, we only deal with hire firms that make the collection and drop off of vehicles as easy as our online booking process. The last thing we want is for you to book a car through cars4rental.com and then find the pickup counter at Gatwick understaffed and overwhelmed. This is why we vet all our partners carefully before agreeing to work with them. We may be cheap car hire at Gatwick airport, but we’re not going to short-change you when it comes to convenience.

4. Low Prices Our global reach and vast customer base means we’re able to negotiate excellent deals with the hire firms that provide the vehicles you can book through our site. This ensures that you do not pay any more than is strictly necessary. Whilst there are various optional extras you can choose to add to your hire package, there are no hidden charges: the prices you see are the prices you pay. It should be noted as well that you can make up your own mind about those extras in the privacy of your home with no high pressure sales agent egging you on.

Long Term Car Rental – The Practical Alternative to Buying

While you’re visiting cars4rental.com to arrange a cheap rent a car at Gatwick airport keep in mind that we also do long term rentals. Perhaps you’ve never considered a long term car rental but if you hire cars on a fairly regular basis you probably should. People who regularly rent cars long term from cars4rental.com include:

• Business men and women who take lengthy business trips.
• People planning extended vacations or cross country road trips.
• People who have a relative staying with them for an extended period.
• People who’ve relocated and need transportation while settling in.
• Students in need of a car during summer break.

Some of the Many Benefits of Long Term Rentals

Long term car rental in Gatwick airport or any other location we serve has many advantages over car ownership or other common options. These include:

• Purchase only the insurance you’ll need to cover the time you have the car.
• Save money on that insurance when you purchase through the car hire agency.
• Ability to “audition” different types of cars you may want to purchase later.
• 24 hours emergency assistance as part of the rental agreement.
• No costly maintenance expenses (other than gas of course).
• In many instances your costs may be tax deductible.
• More convenient than public transportation.

Long Term Car Rental: Getting the Best Deal

Before booking your long term cheap car rental at London Gatwick airport there are a number of things you’ll want to consider such as:

1. How long you’ll need the car If you think you may need the car for more than a month talk to a member of our support team. We may be able to get you a much better price on a 60 day rental then if you rented for 30 days and then renewed for another 30.

2. Whether you want to upgrade If you’re going to have the car for a month or two and are able to secure a substantial long term discount you may want to consider putting any savings into the rental of a more ‘deluxe’ model. After all, you only live once; you may as well ride in style if you can.

3. Additional discounts Make sure you’re getting the best possible price on long term car hire at London Gatwick airport by tweaking your inputs slightly to see what happens. You may find you’ll save money by just delaying a week or you may find a smaller car hire company that’s offering an outstanding deal that isn’t well publicized.

Take a look at what we have available and make your booking today. We can promise you will not find an easier or more affordable way to arrange car hire at Gatwick Airport online and we are always here to help, should you need any assistance with your booking.

Cheap car hire in Gatwick airport doesn’t have to be an ordeal, not when you book through Cars 4 Rental’s easy to understand and use online reservation system. We take the hassle out of booking a car so that you can get the most out of your business trip or vacation. If you’re going to be needing a long term rental we can help you with that as well. Don’t spend one more minute of your life scouring the terminals at Gatwick looking for the most affordable and convenient car hire agency. Let us do it for you. Visit cars4rental.com today.

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