Car Hire on Your UK Holiday

These 4 Reasons Will Tell You Why It’s a Must

Holidays nowadays are far less regimented and orchestrated as they were in days gone by. We are falling out of love with itineraries and rigid planning, preferring the flexibility of taking each day as it comes. Gone is the age of the touring coach; we are now in a golden age of car hire. In todays blog piece, we are going to tell you the four most compelling reasons to hire a car for your next holiday in the UK.

Reason #1 – Freedom!
You’ve landed in London, and you get a car hire in Heathrow. From there, where do you go next? It’s up to you; you’re in the driving seat. Car hire gives you the best-possible flexibility to choose your next destination, as well as what time you depart and how many times you stop along the way to take in the local sights. You can never be late when you’re in command of the wheel.

Reason #2 – Stretch your Budget
In the past you might have thought hiring a car was the more expensive option, but let’s say you’re getting a car hire in Stansted after landing and after spending a couple of days in the capital you want to head down to Devon and the English Riviera. A train ticket from London to Torquay will set you back over ₤100, and much more if you get a flexible rate. Is it really cheaper to travel by train everywhere you go? And that’s before we get to the issue of timetables, delays, crowds and lack of seating!

Reason #3 – Maximum Comfort
Hire a car and you can choose a vehicle with plush heated leather seats, air conditioning in the summer, ample luggage space, great sound system and much more. You can ride comfortably, quietly and without the worry of missing a station or losing a bag along the way.

Reason #4 – Take the Road Less Travelled
We don’t always want to go to those places that everyone else goes to. You might have done research into a very out-of-the-way village in Oxfordshire that just isn’t connected to the grid like London or Brighton. There’s no better way to get to these places on your time than to hire a car and tailor your unique journey to your own taste and aspiration.

Make us your car hire partner next time you plan your UK holiday. London is the gateway to the UK, and car hire in London has never been easier thanks to our one-stop service. Get a free quote by enquiring today.