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Accident Protection Explained

When you hire a car anywhere you are normally liable to pay an amount towards the repair or replacement of the car if there is an accident or any damage. This is called an excess. The excess amount is often secured on a credit/debit card or requested from you as a deposit before leaving the rental location.

I have Collision Damage Waiver. Do I need Accident Protection Cover?

Collision Damage Waiver is insurance usually included within the price of most rentals. It provides cover for damage that occurs to your vehicle. This means that the car you're driving is insured, however there is almost always an excess or additional cost.

If you have an accident or there is damage to your vehicle, the CDW covers the cost of the repairs. Your excess is the ‘first part’ of any repair amount. You will be expected to pay this yourself and it‘s not unusual to see this in the range of £500.00 to £1,500.00

To prevent having to worry about the excess cost. Choose the Accident Protection Cover (DER) option and in the event of an accident or damage to your vehicle you'll be fully reimbursed for the repair costs.

Please Note: Neglect or misuse of rental vehicles are not covered, items such as, the under-body, roof, tyres, wheels, glass and interior.

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