Longer term hire

In our ever changing times, it is increasingly difficult to make longer term plans. However, long term car hire may be just what you need in order to maintain work commitments, begin a new venture or just to get by. We provide affordable, safe long term car hire with prices starting at just £14 per day. We can take care of all your temporary travel needs, with no hidden fees, no contracts to be tied into and insurance being provided as standard. Long term hire can be for as little as 28 days and increased past this to suit you, up to 12 months. There are significant savings to be made over day rate hire. We can offer example vehicles such as…

• Ford
• Vauxhall
• VW
• Range Rover
• Audi and more..

Our range is vast and includes more than 100s different models, but above shows a small selection of the kind of models we usually have available. In addition, we also have a large number of vans for hire with the option to add another driver to your rental vehicle.

Why choose long-term car rental for your business?

1. New employees

If your business provides a company car to employees it can be a big risk to commit to a lease contract for a brand new employee. Maybe they won’t work out or even pass their probation period and you could be left with a car that makes no financial sense to keep. Here’s where long term hire can come in. With a minimum term of 28 days, this provides you, the employer, enough time to see if the employee is a good company match without you incurring great financial losses if it doesn’t work out.

2. Contract work

If your contractual work requires the occasional use of additional vehicles, then longer term hire provides the temporary solution for this. It doesn’t make sense to have a vehicle sitting there for the ifs and maybes, but when those jobs arise longer term car hire can be effective. The flexibility of hire and the option to select a different vehicle if circumstances change makes great business sense. One contract, for example, may require a smaller run-around vehicle, while another may warrant a fleet of vans, which can all be sorted through long term hire. You could match your hire term to your business contract, over 28 days, and if this needs to extend then that’s something that can be easily done.

3. Tax relief

If you’re hiring a car for business purposes as a self employed person, limited company or larger business, then 100% of the hire cost can be reclaimed against company profits during your annual tax assessment. This won’t always be the case though. In order to take advantage of this, you must ensure that the hire vehicle has CO2 emissions of 110g/km or less in order to claim back the full 100%, anything above 110g will return 85% of the car hire expenditure.