Why Go Anywhere Else?

Looking for a car subscription to help you enjoy the rest of the British summer? Let us help. With a wide and varied range of car subscriptions available, flexible plans, and pick-up and drop-off service, all you need to worry about is filling the tank. This post will give you some ideas for great places to go with your car subscription in the UK!

What is a Car Subscription?

A car subscription has many benefits over owning a car. Firstly, there’s no large payout or long-term financing plan with binding contracts. There’s no worries or expense of servicing, maintaining or repairing a vehicle, and you don’t have to fund car insurance or MOTs. A car subscription-based model takes care of all of this.

In addition to the financial freedom a car subscription brings, another great benefit is that you can drive a top-of-the-range vehicle with the latest technology and luxury comforts. A car subscription differs from long-term hire, as it is much more flexible with a 28-day rolling contract and no early termination fee.

If you wish to swap vehicles regularly, perhaps upgrade to more advanced models, then a car subscription is the best way to do this. There’s little admin and the ability to drive a different vehicle every month.

This post focuses on where a car subscription could take you this Summer.

Travel the World…in The UK with a Car Subscription

So, you may not be able to travel the world this year, but what about taking a world tour around the UK?! As we’ve discussed before, there are many beautiful locations right here in the UK to explore with a car subscription, but this article will include the 7 places right here that could well be abroad.

#1 Cornwall Vs. Itay

Italy and Cornwall are not so different. With outstanding beauty, picturesque villages, stunning sands, and warm oceans, as well as truly delicious cuisine, Cornwall is not a million miles away from Italy – and much more convenient to get to with a car subscription!

#2 London Vs. Paris

Both a fashionista’s paradise, the French Capital city, and England’s capital are both famed for their high-end restaurants, fashion boutiques, wine bars, and all things romance. While Paris may have the Eiffel Tower, London has the West-end, Soho, and of course, the Queen.

With hundreds of iconic landmarks to visit and swanky hotels to choose from, London could be seen with new eyes and enjoyed how it was meant to be.

#3 Jurassic Coast Vs. Chesapeake Bay

Go fossil hunting with the kids, without the jet lag, by visiting Dorsets 95-miles of dramatic coastline. Lined with ancient castles, towering cliff tops, country pubs, and stunning views, this is a truly spectacular part of the UK that we’d take over Chesapeake bay any day.

#4 Bath Vs. Rome

The historic city of Bath is well worth a visit with a car subscription this summer. Home to thermal springs, impressive architecture, and the famous Roman baths, Bath mixes culture with contemporary to result in a perfect staycation venue. With unique shops, a plethora of bistros, and restaurants, this is one of the UK’s most romantic locations.

#5 Snowdonia Vs. Canada

With mountain-lined country roads, log cabins, and plenty of out-of-this-world views, Snowdonia is the UK’s Canada. So, you’re unlikely to come into contact with a bear, but North Wales is certainly the place for adrenaline junkies. In addition, hikers, walkers, families, and couples are sure to enjoy some of the best sites we have.

#6 Scotland Vs. Iceland

If you want to see the Northern lights, then the Highlands regions of Caithness and Sutherland are prime UK locations for spotting them. The skies at night here are some of the clearest in Great Britain, with acres of black skies and twinkling stars, as well as a host of comfortable country inns to bed down in for the night.

#7 Manchester Vs. New York

Whatever New York has, Manchester does too. Great nightlife, check. Tons of shops, check. Concert venues, music halls, opera houses, check. Take a trip around Piccadilly Gardens, visit the Arndale Centre, or Selfridges for all your shopping needs before hitting Canal Street for some cheesy 90-hits and dance the night away.

Alternatively, dine in one of the city’s world-class restaurants before spending the night at the Hilton, Ritz, or TV-famous Midway hotel.