All hirers must be over 21 years of age. Hirers between the ages of 21-25 will incur a young driver surcharge of between £15 – £25 and VAT per day depending on the rental supplier.

To hire from us, you will need to provide following documents;

1. Both parts of your valid driving licence Photo card and the paper counterpart. You will need to have held your full driving licence for over 1 year. If the paper counterpart is not available, a DVLA check will need to be carried out confirming your licence details. There will be a small charge of approximately £10.00 for this service.

2. Two extra forms of ID e.g. utility bill, bank statement. This needs to be dated within the last 3 months. A valid passport may also be required.

3. All overseas hirers must produce a valid passport.

4. A debit or credit card for payment – Sorry we do not accept cash.

What you need to know

The following payment forms are accepted at the start of the rental to cover the deposit Credit Card – Mastercard, Visa Credit Card – American Express

Fuel Policy – The hire vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel. It will need to be returned on a full tank, or refuelling charges will be applied. There are no refunds for un-used fuel

What’s Included

Limited mileage for ALL car groups. Mileage is limited to 300 miles per day. extra mileage charges are set at 10p per mile plus tax, payable locally. , Insurance ( – Collision Damage Waiver – Theft Protection – 3rd Party Liability ) , Local Taxes , Airport Surcharge , Road Fee , Premium location fee

More Tips

Car hire deposits, Sat Nav, Baby seats and European cover are all paid locally and charges are dependent upon the duration of hire. Additional driver charge from: £5.50 Plus VAT.

Our European covers from £58.33 plus VAT for between 1 – 7 days. If you require a longer period please speak to one of our agents.

Additional Drivers

Additional drivers who meet our rental terms and conditions are accepted, Additional drivers charges vary from supplier to supplier; you will typically pay from £10.00 per day.

When you pick up your vehicle

1. Excess: Make sure you are aware of any excess on the insurance; this is the amount you will need to pay in the event of an accident or collision. (We can offer excess protection with most of our suppliers to bring your excess down to zero, just ask one of our agents at the time of booking.)

2. Collecting your car: Make sure you are fully aware of where to collect your car on arrival. Some airport suppliers are not based within airports and you may need to call a contact number. However some rental providers may offer a meet and great service. So always check your car rental voucher for an address or any instruction you may need to follow to collect your car.

3. Documents: Make sure you carry all of your documents with you when collecting your car hire. You will need to provide a) your driving licence b) a passport if you’re travelling abroad or into the U.K c) A Credit Card and in some cases a debit card may be accepted. d) The rental voucher we supplied to you.

4. Deposits: Make sure you remain aware of the deposit amount that will be required on the card used for booking, when collecting your car. You will need to make sure you have sufficient funds on your credit or debit card to cover the deposit & rental of the car.

5. Collecting: When you collect you car you will be asked to sign the rental agreement. Make sure you check the amount is correct and as previously agreed. Once you have signed, you have agreed to that price.

6. Driving off: Before driving your vehicle away, make sure you check around the vehicle for any visual damage! (For example marks, scuffs, scrapes and scratches on the interior and/or exterior of the car.)

If you notice anything make sure you ask the handover agent to mark this on the vehicle damage checking out sheet and sign before you drive off from the rental location. If you do not check the vehicle before you drive away, you will be the person responsible for any extra damage when you return the car.

7. Fuel policy: Check the fuel policy from the supplier. Fuel policy can differ from supplier to supplier. Make sure you speak with the rental agent to find out what policy is in place with that particular supplier.

When you drop off your vehicle

1. Returning your vehicle: On returning the car please makes sure you have the car fully checked over by the hand back agent. And they have confirmed that there is no additional damage on the car. Otherwise you may find your debit/credit card may be debited at a future date, after the rental has been completed.

2. Out of hour’s drop off facility: Some of our locations offer an out of hour’s drop off facility after your rental has ended. Please check at the time of pick up, making sure you are aware of where to leave the vehicle safely overnight. Including exactly where you will need to drop off the keys. (Please bear in mind; if you decide to use this service? Without the vehicle being checked by a rental agent, you risk being charged for any additional damage that had not been there previously.)

3. Insurance Excess: Your rental will be subject to an insurance excess which may be charged to you by the car rental company should the vehicle be damaged during the rental. Full details of the excess are explained in the terms and conditions. Our Damage Excess Refund Product offers full reimbursement for the damage excess portion of any charges paid. It’s just one less thing to worry about. (Exceptions apply, full details can be found in our Terms & Conditions on your rental voucher.)

Your Excess Explained

When you hire a car anywhere you are normally liable to pay an amount towards the repair or replacement of the car if there is an accident or any damage. This is called an excess. The excess amount is often secured on a credit/debit card or requested from you as a deposit before leaving the rental location.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): Collision Damage Waiver is insurance usually included in the rental price of a hired car. It provides cover for damage that occurs to your vehicle itself. This means that the car you’re driving is insured, however there is almost always an excess.

Excess: If you have an accident or there is damage to your vehicle, the CDW covers the cost of the repairs. Your excess is the ‘first part’ of any repair amount that you will be expected to pay yourself. It’s not unusual to see this in the range of £500.00 to £1,500.00

Damage Excess Refund: Our Damage Excess Refund product protects you from excess payments. In the event of an accident or damage to your vehicle you’ll be fully reimbursed for the repair costs.

What do I need to rent a car?

  • Your voucher/ eVoucher, this is to confirm your booking.
  • Your valid passport and any other form of identification, to verify your identity.
  • A valid driving license, held for at least minimum 12 (sometimes 24 months).
  • The lead driver’s credit / debit card with sufficient amount funds to cover the car deposit.

NOTE: Not all car hire company have the same terms and conditions, and they may have varying requirements. To be sure for your eligibility to rent? Please check the car rentals company’s terms and conditions. Which can be found on the rental E-Voucher confirmation sent you.

What should I look out for when selecting a car?

  • FUEL SCHEME / POLICY – If you don’t intend on driving much, considering a full to full fuel scheme can minimise your expenses.
  • LOCATION – When it comes to a cheaper alternative for convenience, an “off – airport” pick-up with a shuttle bus is the best, instead of an “on – airport” pick – up. Down Town is also a convenient option right in the heart of most towns and cities.
  • SPACE – Your enjoyment, comfort and relaxation are assured if you select a car with plenty space for passengers and, luggage.

Are there any restrictions on the drivers age?

The age requirement for most hire companies is between 21 – 70 years. If you’re under 25 or over 70, you might have to pay an additional fee. Typically the fee is reflected in the overall price of the rental. However always double check the terms and conditions.

Are all charges incorporated in the total price?

The larger part of our rental options include Theft Protection, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), airport surcharges, and any road fees. When you have your hired car in possession, you are expected to pay for any extras. This is also applicable to any young driver (under 30), additional driver chosen or one – way fees. Other extras include a Sat Nav, baby seats and so on. You will always be informed of any additional charges before you book your car in step 3 when you can ‘Add Extras’. If you have any other enquires about what is included in the car price, you can always check the Terms and Conditions of the car hire company you intend to go with.

How do I change my booking or cancel it?

You can cancel your booking or amend details without losing your booking fee typically up to 72 hours before pick-up date and time of the vehicle. To do so please use the contact information below:  

From UK: 0161 6025400
International Number: +44 161 830 5771

Make sure you provide the nine digit booking reference number and email address you used when completing your reservation in all correspondence.  

Can I book or hire a car for someone else?

Not a problem, the important thing is that you meet all the requirements. You will be also expected to fill in information about the person when booking a car.

Where can I find an affordable car rental service?

Right here. We provide Cheap Long Term Car Rental services by working with all the world’s leading car hire brands (and many smaller local companies) to find the most affordable options and surface it to you in the search results. Covering over 60,000 locations all over the globe. All you need to do is to use our search form and you’re ready to compare prices and locate your ideal car, at the lowest price of course. We also offer Short Term Car Lease UK options for those looking to hire a car for as little as 28 days.

If you not sure about anything or have any further questions? All you need to do is drop as an email or call.

We look forward to assisting you.