The Best Road Trips in the UK

We have put together a collection of places to visit right here in the UK, from the top of Scotland to the bottom of the Cornish coast, with sights, monuments, and untouched landscapes you should visit at least once!

Our Top 9 Locations to See on a UK Roadtrip

#1 The Cotswolds

Surely nowhere is more quintessentially English than this Cotswolds. An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with mile upon mile of lush countryside, winding country lanes, and perfectly preserved chocolate-box villages, there are so many things to see and do in this picturesque area.

  • Distance: 70 Miles
  • Ideal Duration: 3 – 7 Days
  • Recommended Hire Vehicles: Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover Sports, Jaguar XJ.

#2 The Norfolk Coast

From hiking trails and forests to Norfolk’s coastal path (with 40 miles of sandy shores and six blue-flag beaches), Norwich Cathedral, and Oxburge Hall, this is a picturesque area that has so much in the forms of historical wonders and natural beauty. A week or more may not even be enough to see it all.

  • Distance: 90 Miles
  • Ideal Duration: 3 – 5 Days
  • Recommended Vehicles: VW Passat, VW Golf, Vauxhall Corsa

#3 The Lake District

The Lake District is where you will find some of England’s most picturesque roads. An area enriched in English history and culture; this picture-postcard resort attracts tourists from all over the world – in regular times. Take the kids to see Beatrix Potter World or sail with a loved one on the romantic Lake Windermere. Many historical authors descend from this mind-clearing location – one visit, and it’ll be clear to see why.

  • Distance: 30 Miles
  • Ideal Duration: 7 Days
  • Recommended Vehicles: Range Rover Sports, Range Rover Vogue, Jaguar XJ

#4 Isle of Anglesey

Off the mainland off the Northwest coast of North Wales, this small island is known for its beaches, ancient sites, stunning array of wildlife, and Medieval towns. Ideal for hikers, walkers, beach dwellers, or families, this island has a vast selection of things to see and do.

  • Distance: 125 Mile Circular Coastline
  • Ideal Duration: 7 Days +
  • Recommended Vehicles: Range Rover Sport

#5 North Wales

North Wales has a vast coastline with many hidden gems along various peninsulas, a plethora of water sport activities, hikes, nature reserves, theme parks, and museums. Take a trip around the Snowdonia National Park, visit the Victorian seaside town of Llandudno, or go off the beaten track and spend a few nights wild camping between valleys, glens, or tree-lined golden fields.

  • Distance: 68 Miles
  • Ideal Duration: 7 Days +
  • Recommended Vehicle: Range Rover Sports

#6 Welsh Coastal Path

This is the first path in the world to follow an entire country’s entire coastline. The Welsh Coastal path is a colossal 870 miles long, with so many jaw-dropping views, nature encounters, cultural hotspots, and accommodation options along the way that there is sure to be something for every member of the family to enjoy. Delight in thousands of years of history, and leave with unforgettable memories and a perfect holiday tan!

  • Distance: 870 Miles
  • Ideal Duration: 7 Days +
  • Recommended Vehicles: Range Rover Sports, Range Rover Vogue

#7 Peak District

A tour through one of the UK’S most loved national parks. The Peak District incorporates parts of Greater Manchester, Glossop, and the Pennines (including the famous Moors and Snake Pass – a great road to drive on!). This is one of our country’s greatest mountain passes, with high points of up to 510m above sea level.

  • Distance: 40 Miles
  • Ideal Duration: 1 – 3 Days
  • Recommended Vehicles: Mercedes S Class, Jaguar XJ, Mercedes C Class

#8 Scotland’s Northern Coast

The UK’s answer to Route 66. Scotland’s Northern coast offers some of the most spectacular scenery you could hope to find and is the only place outside Scandinavia where you could see the breathtaking Northern Lights. With views of the Highlands, ancient castles and ruins, and windswept beaches where you can spot wild dolphins, this route has so much to offer.

  • Distance: 516 Miles
  • Ideal Duration: 7 Days +
  • Recommended Vehicle: Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Vogue

#9 Yorkshire

Yorkshire is a place that has it all, from the historical centre of York enriched in Viking and Medieval history to the seaside towns of Scarborough, Bridlington, and Filey. There’s miles of open road over the Dales to explore, with lots to see and do on the way. Stay at a quaint cottage, rustic farmhouse, or treat the kids to a stay over at Flamingo Land. Exploring Yorkshire in all its glory will be an unforgettable experience.

  • Distance: 90 Miles – of Coastline Alone
  • Ideal Duration: 7 Days +
  • Recommended Vehicle: Range Rover Sport

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